Why we prep, a view from the Military and Emergency Services side of life

I am a member of several social media prepper, survival and off-grid groups and have recently seen posts asking about why Military, Fire, Police and EMS are into prepping. The question was asked in one group, is it because we are adrenaline junkies? Drama? Or have we just seen too much?
My view on this is that these careers set us up/predispose us for the prepper, off grid and self sufficient lifestyles.
First off being a veteran and working in Emergency Services I have been in one type of service or another for the most part of my adult life and have made a number of observations such as:
We are use to being the one either individually or as a group that others expect to have the answer or at least a solution to any problem no matter how small or large.
After being a part of these groups it is hard to relate (at least for me) to “normal” people. We tend to be patriotic, opinionated, and at times cynical with a “different” sense of humor and to gravitate towards others like ourselves.
We tend to be Type-A personalities and while that is great in a combat leader it can also lead to problems in group settings outside of our chosen professions.
The “complete the mission” and failure is not an option mindset that we live daily is not understood by outsiders.
We are use to being with people that have the same outlook, training and expectations as ourselves.
With that in mind I believe that after years of being the go to/fix for the for the mainstream of society it is hard if not impossible to change. That’s why a lot of military go for the the extremes in life after the service. While obviously not all a lot seem to go one of two directions either “Lone Wolf”, off-grid living IE: bikers and truck drivers or “Paramilitary” IE: Fire, Police EMS or like jobs. And to me the prepper, off-grid and self-sufficiency life is then a logical progression from protecting society to protecting and providing for ourselves/ our own families or groups.
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By: Robert Taylor


3 thoughts on “Why we prep, a view from the Military and Emergency Services side of life

  1. I’m was a Army MP and retired USAF security forces SRT member. All together I deployed to many conflicts in my career. The most memorable was Bosnia. Watching​ families start all over after all that. Having a opportunity to go to SERE school. I’ve come to realize with being perpared and faith there is nothing I can’t do!

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  2. I agree – the services (and the off-grid lifestyle) tend to attract people who are fulfilled in those roles. “our people” tend to identify as the ones who take care of others. I did not (to my later regret) choose military service but the circumstances of my life pulled me, nonetheless, towards service anyways. Being the first-born among my siblings, with an alcoholic father & overwhelmed mom, I took care of everyone – including adults – from age 3 onwards. Having an insecure life as a kid drove me to seek security in self-sufficiency; and that has not done me harm. Being part of a team is an honor and, to some missions, a necessity – either of which make powerful motivators to comply with the established protocols. But, again, the obvious need for rescuers in our world helps us make sense of a lot of sh*t that otherwise cannot make sense. It’s fulfilling. And while some people seem to actually want to be a small & non-essential part of the huge machine that our society has become, the fact is if it weren’t for the few who oil that machine (society) they could not indulge in the trivial stuff they love. They can grab some munchies and watch Dancing With The Stars precisely BECAUSE we are watching over them all. I’ll take my role over theirs any day.

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